Its been a while...


Hey guys and girls,

Unfortunately I haven’t really had much time to blog due to some busy times [work, work, work, family, friends, work], but I’ll try and update more regularly with the content I use at my daily tasks.

This might mean that I will also end up posting some non-PowerShell related posts in case I think they’re interesting enough for other people. Judging by personal experience the last few weeks, I will also try and post some “checklists” which I found out for recent cases at work, simply by combining multiple articles and/or Best Practice guides.

While some of them might be “easy” and “surely you should know that by now”, I’ve experienced that people still have personal opinions on various matters which might contradict this. For me posting them will be for personal reference and for whoever might be interested in the same thing without wanting to go through Google for a long time.

Besides that, I’ll try and keep my Script Dumpster posts up-to-date a bit more, as I tend to work on various scripts throughout the day. On that note, check out the latest script and I’ll try and keep this blog a bit more up-to-date.