Scheduled Tasks – PowerShell Scripts with Parameters

Perhaps a very “simple” issue, but I noticed that when looking for this it took me longer than expected to find the result I had in mind.

The issue at hand

I  have a script which requires various parameters to be provided so that I can run it.
When running the command through an active console session it would look like this:

As you can see, this can be quite the pain,  but if I get this configured properly can re-use this at various customers.

The solution

Now I won’t bore you with all the Scheduled Tasks Wizard screen, as there is only 1 screen that’s important for all of this:
The Start a Program screen

What you need to fill in to make sure you get PowerShell to run the script you require, using the parameters you want it to use.

  • Program/Script
    Full path to PowerShell executable [while some people have gotten it to work with just PowerShell, this should ALWAYS work]
  • Add arguments (optional)

    for example
  • Start in (optional)
    Not required

That’s it!

Extra Tip

While this should be all that’s required to make sure it runs properly, I found a tip that might prove quite useful when troubleshooting issues with Scheduled Tasks:

In the Add arguments (optional) section, if you add

after your full script path + parameters, it will properly include the last exit code under the Last Run Results column, making troubleshooting that much easier.


Happy scripting 🙂




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