Experts Live 2015 – tickets tickets tickets!

Step right up, step right up….

A quick post on behalf of my colleague, 365Dude, who’s presenting a session at this year’s Experts Live 2015.

He still has 3 tickets available in case someone is interested in going to this year’s convention, November 19th.
Be sure to drop him an e-mail if you’re interested in going!

And even if you’re not interested in an Office 365 session, have a look at the program to see what might else be of your interest!


Script Dumpster: Find default AD containers for Users and Computers

The Problem

Have you ever created a new user or computer object, but you’re unable to find them in the Default Computers/Users container?
Perhaps someone moved the default location to another Organizational Unit [i.e. to make sure GPO’s applied correctly] .

In this case a quick and simple script will check which containers are configured for this task and it will check if they’re using default values or not.

The Script