Handy resources - the Azure Citadel


I love being a lurker and just consume as much information from random sources (lately a lot of Twitter for my Tech fix).

Today I found this awesome gem (thanks to DexterPosh): the Azure Citadel.

It is created and maintained by members of the Cloud Solution Architect community at Microsoft UK and provides a plethora of awesome Azure goodies, such as

  • Workshops
    Workshops are an in-depth exploration of a given topic area that typically takes 4+ hours to run through end-to-end. They are comprised of a combination of reading material, one or more practical labs, along with relevant reference materials or links.
  • Labs
    Labs are guided exercises with step-by-step instructions to lead you though a given activity. You should be able to complete these on your own in 1-2 hours.
  • Demos
    Demo apps & code that you are free to explore and use.
  • Guides
    A number of Guides on key topics, and Tech Primers that are aimed at introducing you to the fundamental elements of a given technology or solution.

…and many other useful resources

So what are you waiting for? Head right over and have fun!