DuPSUG Basics – Deux

Today was another great day with other PowerShell enthousiasts where I got to share some tricks of the trade.

During DuPSUG’s second Basics event, I was once again able to provide a session, this time about “Improving your Scripts”.

I had a blast and I hope others did too and as promised I’ve made my code available on GitHub on the general DuPSUG GitHub.


I’d like to thank all the people attending today’s session for your time and patience, all other speakers for sharing their time, code and tricks and of course @EJHeeres for arranging the event perfectly.

Hope to see you again soon and happy scripting! 🙂


#DuPSUG – PowerShell Remoting seminar

I’m happy to be able to say to that tomorrow I’ll be giving my first presentation on the Dutch PowerShell User Group!

Along with  Mark van de Waarsenburg,  Erik Heeres, Erik van der Plas and Danny den Braver we’ll be trying to spread the gospel of PowerShell amongst the interested people 🙂

My seminar will be focused on PowerShell Remoting – Practice & Theory and will feature a few labs along the way.
I expect to post a few of the components, along with slide deck and scripts used on the site

I’m very anxious and nervous, but I can’t wait to see how it goes!

Be sure to follow the twitter tag #DuPSUG tomorrow for frequent updates 🙂