Script Dumpster: Online-ADComputers

The Problem

Today I ran into something simple….but I just wanted to get it solved through PowerShell and make the solution re-usable.

We had found a machine in Active Directory which didn’t turn up in the physical inventory check…
And worse of all, the machine was active!

The Script

This script simply checks if machines with a specific name [or in a specific OU] is online at the moment.
If it’s online, it will try and figure out who’s actually logged on to the machine.

The output of course is in objects, so you can use whatever kind of formatting on the result of the script

Happy scripting! 🙂


Script Dumpster: Merge-CSV

The Problem

A customer required the inventory of product keys for various products on all network systems.
I had used a tool which scanned all machines and nicely produced a .csv file for each machine it had scanned.

Ideally I wanted to have a single .csv file which I could then filter against, either using Excel or PowerShell.

The Function

Check the examples notes on how to use the function.

Happy scripting! 🙂


Script Dumpster

At my job I tend to have quiet and busy periods, just like everyone else.

At some times I even have very busy periods… like now.
Because of that I tend to not have time or motivation to do any blogging, but that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything productive.

Because of that I thought “why not just share the work I’m creating?”.

An idea was born….

Then it hit me..

Why not make quick and simple posts containing a short description of the problem I was facing at the time, followed by the solution [be it a one-liner, script, function etc.].

So there we have it…

I will try and keep this a bit more up-to-date and will just post snippets or sometimes even work-in-progress, perhaps it’s interesting and it can help you with your own projects.

If anything, it will stimulate me to document my work better 🙂

Without further ado

Here’s the link to my first quick Script Dumpster post, with hopefully more to follow!

Happy scripting! 🙂