What’s this blog about

To be honest, when I started thinking about setting up a blog, I didn’t think it all through.

I’d just put up my PowerShell issues and that would be it.

Now that I’m actually thinking of what I’d like to have on my blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that it might be handy to inform my audience WHAT they can expect.


This blog will contain my thoughts on IT, PowerShell, blogging, learning, motivation etc., as well as my day to day tech struggles or issues that I run into.

I’m not an expert on PowerShell or IT, but I’ve come to learn that you’ve got to start somewhere and some people might even find my blogs interesting.

If anything, this blog will be for me, to at least give me the feeling that I’m making a difference.


By no means will my code be perfect.

If you want to use/try my code, be sure to do this on a test environment first, never directly in production.

The opinions voiced in the blog are mine and I will never have the intention to directly or indirectly attack or offend anyone. If for some reason you take offense, please take this into account.

On the other hand, I’ve been told I can be rather direct, so expect me to write things how I see things, without sugar coating them.

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