Handy resources – the Azure Citadel

I love being a lurker and just consume as much information from random sources [lately a lot of Twitter for my Tech fix].

Today I found this awesome gem [thanks to DexterPosh]: the Azure Citadel.

It is created and maintained by members of the Cloud Solution Architect community at Microsoft UK and provides a plethora of awesome Azure goodies, such as

  • Workshops
    Workshops are an in-depth exploration of a given topic area that typically takes 4+ hours to run through end-to-end. They are comprised of a combination of reading material, one or more practical labs, along with relevant reference materials or links.
  • Labs
    Labs are guided exercises with step-by-step instructions to lead you though a given activity. You should be able to complete these on your own in 1-2 hours.
  • Demos
    Demo apps & code that you are free to explore and use.
  • Guides
    A number of Guides on key topics, and Tech Primers that are aimed at introducing you to the fundamental elements of a given technology or solution.

…and many other useful resources

So what are you waiting for?
Head right over and have fun!


Quick Tip – Find available versions on .wim files

Just a quick tip for personal reference [as I keep forgetting it 🙂 ].

You can easily find out which versions of the Windows OS are available on an install.wim file [generally found within a Windows ISO file] using the following command:

This will provide you both the Index number as well as the name of the version.
It can come in handy when using other tools, such as [in my case] Convert-WindowsImage

Happy Scripting! 🙂


DuPSUG Basics – Deux

Today was another great day with other PowerShell enthousiasts where I got to share some tricks of the trade.

During DuPSUG’s second Basics event, I was once again able to provide a session, this time about “Improving your Scripts”.

I had a blast and I hope others did too and as promised I’ve made my code available on GitHub on the general DuPSUG GitHub.


I’d like to thank all the people attending today’s session for your time and patience, all other speakers for sharing their time, code and tricks and of course @EJHeeres for arranging the event perfectly.

Hope to see you again soon and happy scripting! 🙂